Freaky Biz People Basking in the Full Moon

Another Friday is here and I’m eager to spend some time with you basking in the juicy goodness and amplifying the energy of what we want more of!

This week has been great for basking. I’ve been engaging in a bunch of really cool conversations with other non-conforming entrepreneurs about the benefits and challenges of flying your freak flag in your biz. It’s been fun to stir up this energy under the Aries Full Moon!

We all agree- flying your freak flag and really showing up in your biz ROCKS for a bunch of different reasons. If feels good to be authentic! It’s deeply rewarding to be able to put your own special twist on the work that you do. You’re unique and stand out which equals more money in your pocket! People remember you, which makes it really easy for the people that you want to work with to find you. You get to spend your time doing what you love to do and get paid to do it!!! What’s better than that???

But there are some challenges to flying your freak flag in your biz too. It can feel really scary to do it! It takes courage to break-free of the pre-packaged way that people have been doing business. It feels risky to put yourself out there and be unique. You have to trust that your right people will find you. You have to get over the fear of offending people. When you do things differently and stand out some folks won’t like it-  I say “fuck’em!”  Those aren’t your people and they were never going to buy from you anyway.

We all agree that it is worth it! It seems like the mainstream marketing people are beginning to come on over to the freak flay flying side now too. I’ve been seeing all kinds of people talking about personal branding, and how you need to identify what you uniquely have to offer so you stand out from all the rest. That’s the same thing that I’ve been talking about for years!

Time for some Amplifying!

In this moment I’m appreciating all my freaky biz friends and clients who have been engaging in this ongoing flying your freak flag conversation with me. I’ve gained so much clarity around what my next program is going to look like.

I appreciate the energy of this full moon and all the lessons it brought me. The full moon ritual that I went to was very powerful and helped me anchor back into my commitment to my path. The wisdom and guidance I found there was very powerful and it helped reignite my fire.

I love that my biz is the perfect reflection of who I am. It makes things so much more enjoyable. I get to talk about my favorite subjects with other non-conforming souls and help them make their lives kick-ass!

I want more fun connections with authentic, cool people who can’t help but be themselves.

Beautiful days and fun adventures with friends! Warm, ripe apples eaten right off the trees, hayrides, and delicious, hole-in-the-wall, Chinese buffets!

Electricity, coffee, kitties, and homemade multigrain apple muffins!

Sons of Anarchy and True Blood!!!

What are you appreciating??

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