How To Choose Freedom Without The Guilt

Choosing freedom is easy, sticking by the choice and following through is the hard part.

One moment you’re totally tapped into your desire and fully committed to living the life you want to live and the next you are questioning everything, over analyzing and second guessing yourself right out of it. (How many times have you done this?)

freedom without the guiltYou decide to go after what you really want and then the guilt sets in…..

You feel bad about putting yourself first and being selfish….and you think of all you will lose if you can’t pull it off. (Hello mortgage, relationships, car!) What about all your responsibilities and the people depending on you!?

You think – I better stick to what I know and not do anything too risky.

But if you give into guilt, you feel horrible for letting yourself down and not going after your dreams.

Why is it so hard?

Choosing freedom goes against everything we’re taught growing up.

Society teaches us to conform and to follow the rules if we want to succeed.

We’re taught to do what is expected of us and keep everyone else happy, so we can be loved and accepted.

Life becomes so full of what you have to, supposed to, and should do; there’s no room for what you want, feels good, and is true for you.

Your biggest worry is- “what will they think?”

This conditioning runs deep and you push up against it every time you make the choice to go your own way and do what feels right to you.

So what do you do?

The first step is to become aware of all this conditioning so you can create some space between you and it. Creating space makes it easier for you to see what is real for you and what is other people’s ideas.

Next you want to trust yourself to make the right decisions for you, regardless of what other people think.

Top that off with a healthy dose of self-love so you honor your desire for freedom and make your happiness just as important as everyone else’s.

Before you know it, you’ll be flying your freak flag and living the life you WANT to live.

If these three steps feel challenging to you, download this free pdf- Fear or Liberation.  and receive some simple strategies for setting yourself free. 

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