The Frequency of Awesomeness

Imagine your mind is a big radio receiver, and you get to choose which station you tune into. You turn the dial to your desired frequency and listen to what is playing all day long. This music influences what you notice and experience through out your day, and how you feel and the opportunities you see.

Frequency of awesomenessWhat frequency are you tuning into to?

The old country station where most songs are about not getting what you want and ending up frustrated, broke and alone?

Or are you tuning into the pop station that talks about living large, being happy and having everything you want?

Picking your station is all about mindset and alignment. Where are you focusing your attention?

In every moment there’s a wide range of possibilities happening at the same time. You get to choose which ones you want to tune into.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about…

I work with a totally bad-ass musician and we’ve been talking about where he wants to go with his career and how he wants to feel about his music.

He flips flops back and forth between feeling good about where he’s at and thinking that he’s just not cutting it. (Don’t we all!)

We’ve talked about mindset, focus and aligning energy a number of times and I was thrilled to hear the excitement in his voice as he shared his experience with it.

He said that something shifted in a big way and now he’s able to receive the compliments and praise that he gets when he performs. He decided to let it all in.

Even better, he feels good about his performance and doesn’t fall into a cycle of self-doubt when he does make a mistake. He’s seeing himself in a whole new way!

He’s totally tuned into the frequency of his awesomeness.

It wasn’t always like this for him.

Before he tuned in to this new frequency, he would shrug off compliments and praise as people just being nice, or trying to make him feel good. He was hyper critical of his playing and super hard on himself. It was never good enough.

Shifting his focus allows him to receive all that he’s been wanting …and it’s pouring in!! Opportunities and money!

I could feel the expansion as we spoke.

Remember- It’s all a choice!!

In every moment you are making a choice about which frequency to tune into.

Let everything you’ve been wanting in!

If you want help tuning into the frequency of your awesomeness let’s talk! 



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