Give Yourself A Break

Let’s talk about the importance of giving yourself a break!!

I’m not talking about a vacation or time off, but rather not being such a hard-ass boss all the time and feeling like you’re not doing enough or fucking things up in some way.

It shows up as striving, pushing, and frantically trying to get everything done so you can finally have what you want and everything will be perfect.

It’s the fear that if you make one silly mistake, or stop paying attention even for a minute, everything will fall apart and you will miss your only opportunity to have what you want.

It’s second guessing yourself and feeling like you SHOULD be working when you really want to sit under a tree and read a book for awhile. Shoulding yourself sucks!!!!

I declare August the month for feeling good now! Let’s spend it basking in the juicy goodness and reveling in the awesomeness of life.

I invite you to dive deeper into self-love and trust and know that everything is unfolding beautifully before you.

Tipsy and Clarence sure know how to bask in the juicy goodness!

Tipsy and Clarence sure know how to bask in the juicy goodness!

Say YES to your desire! Spend more time daydreaming about having everything your heart desires and what it feels and looks like to be living with it.

Play with your desire and respond to the opportunities and actions you’re inspired to take.

Give yourself a break, stop pushing so hard and enjoy all the juicy goodness life is offering you right now.

Care to join me?

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