Glittery Love Letters for YOU

i_love_you_heart_clipart_tm5hWhen was the last time you wrote yourself a love letter?

I’m talking about a mushy one, full of praise and acknowledgement for the amazing being that is you?

I know that I had never written a letter like this to myself until recently. My notes-to-self used to be focused on what I thought I needed to improve and where I needed to smarten up and get my shit together. They were full of disappointment and judgments…giving detailed descriptions of where I was struggling and doing things wrong. They had a hard edge to them that was effective at making me change my ways for a while……..but eventually I went back to being me.

Luckily, I finally got that being ME was where it’s at and I learned to love myself and stop making myself wrong. Then life got really interesting and full of all kinds of juicy goodness. The relationship I had been craving for years finally showed up; my business shifted and money really started flowing in; I felt happier than I ever had before; and it got really easy to fly my freak flag high and proud.

Back to the Love Letter

One of my luscious lady friends was sharing a few art projects that she had been working on and one of them really caught my eye. It was a love letter that she had written to herself and then painted over with a heart and crown.

Now, the idea of writing myself a love letter felt a bit foreign, but my inner-child was giggling with delight at the opportunity to use some glitter and make things sparkly- so I went for it. I set up a date night with myself, bought some lovely flowers, yummy chocolate, made myself a cup of tea and dove in.

The project is simple enough. Take some paper, draw a heart in the middle, write yourself a love letter within the heart and then paint over it. Here is the video that originally inspired my friend to do the project.


Don’t worry of you don’t have acrylic paint- just use whatever you have on hand.

I happened to have watercolors, markers and glitter glue so that is what I used.

Love Letter art project 1 and 2I did two different versions using the same process.

First I took my paper and wrote a love note to myself in the middle of it. I admit, this felt really weird at first, but by the second one I did I thought I was Shakespeare spouting off all kinds of lovely, eloquent words about how awesome I am. Don’t get too hung up on this….no-one but you is going to see it because you’re going to be painting over it.

Once my love letter was finished I took a pencil and drew a big heart in the middle of the page and then I started painting. I did the background first, and then filled in the heart.

I added a few other colors to make it interesting and used a marker to make a strong outline for the heart. Then I added some sparkle with the glitter glue and a metallic pen.

You can do this anyway you like. It’s YOUR love letter.

Once they were dry, I put them on my alter where I can see them every day. You could also frame it and put it on your desk or hang it on the wall.

I have to say that every time I see these love letters- I smile. It was the perfect way to love myself up.

What’s your favorite way to show yourself love?

If you try this project for yourself I’d love to hear how it turns out for you!


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