Heartache, Hardship and Freedom

Let’s face it-We all have stories that keep us stuck in crappy situations that clearly aren’t part of our Kick-Ass Lives!

These stories run deep and often times we don’t even notice them because they’ve been part of our belief system for so long. They steal our freedom to choose and we end up feeling powerless to change a crappy situation because we think that’s just the way it is.

Here is an example of one such story that I was carrying around that caused me a lot of  heartache and dissatisfaction in my romantic life.

When I was small I had extravagant taste- I still do- and for as long as I can remember my Mom and Nana would tell me that I needed to marry a rich man to buy the things that I wanted for me.

This idea did not work for me. Even as a child, I was super independent and didn’t want to depend on anyone for anything! I declared that I was going to be rich myself and men were going to want me for my money. I would re-tell this story over and over again throughout my life.

Guess what happened?

I had a series of boyfriends who didn’t have any money and who relied on me to support us or wanted me to take care of them. The more I did this and bought into the story that I was going to be the bread winner and have to take care of them, the worse it got.

This situation felt really crappy and so wasn’t part of my Kick-Ass Life, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I was so caught up in my story I thought that this was just the way my relationships were supposed to be.

Luckily, I had a great coach who helped me see this story and change it.

I set myself free to re-write my story to say “I am surrounded by prosperity and helpful supportive men”.  Now I’m in a deeply satisfying relationship with someone who is good with money, takes good care of himself, and loves to take care of me when I let him.

Here’s another example from a client –

A few days ago I had an inspiring conversation with Leah. She listened quietly while I talked about my life. After a bit she pointed out a comment I made as a child about overcoming hardships. She asked if I realized that this was a contract/story to overcome hardships in my life. I have continued to create them to overcome. The time I spent speaking with Leah helped to open the doors to hear those comments again. There is a profound difference in my daily activities, awareness and thinking about my life. I have overcome those hardships and do not need to create them anymore. Thank you Leah for your insight and willingness to listen through my story.

Thank you again. I am amazed at how aware I am now in regards to the thoughts that run through my mind. The level of awareness has a different meaning or understanding than before.

Bless you.

Rev. Connie Kirkpatrick

Spiritual Life Coach


Are you beginning to see how your stories effect your life?

What unsatisfying situations are you wanting to explore to identify the stories that are keeping you stuck?


If you want help identifying the stories that hold you back set up a Kick-Ass Consultation to discuss how we might work together to do this.


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