Hedonists, Commitment and Feeling Good

Nothing is More Important Than That I Feel Good………

How does this statement make you feel?

If your response is anything but- “Right On!” – you have some explaining to do.

Tell me all the reasons why your happiness is not your priority.

I want to hear about the beliefs that you hold that say it is OK to feel bad.

I am curious to know -what could be more important to you?

In my world there is nothing that is more important than feeling good and I make it my priority to arrange things in my life to support that. ( I’m a self admitted Hedonist but that has very little to do with this! )

I have no doubt that some of you are all fired up because I’m suggesting such a thing, so  just settle down and think about this for a bit.

Feeling bad sucks! It certainly doesn’t help you create your Kick-Ass Life-unless of course it lights a fire under your ass and gets you to take some action towards changing things.

You are more likely to live a Kick-Ass Life if you are committed to feeling good.

Your Kick-Ass Life = Feeling Good!

Do you see why it is important now?

If you want to commit to feeling good you are going to need a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here is a great place to start…..

Pay attention to your thoughts. This is something that you actually have control over.  You get to choose the thoughts that you are focusing on.

Whenever you are feeling less than good about something, stop and say

Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason NOW to feel good

and then look for an improved thought.  Doing this changes everything very quickly.

Try it out!

Please share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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