Helloooo! Can you feel me now?!?!

Tomorrow on My Kick-Ass Dream Life, we will be talking about how you can use your body’s inner wisdom to step more into your kick ass-ness!

Your body is forever talking to you, do you hear it! We certainly know when it’s time to eat or lay down and go to sleep-  so why not tune in to your body’s unique language about living your kick ass life?

It’s mind blowing when you  learn the language of your own body- it not only speaks to you through sensation it’s here for the kick ass experience too!

Join us live at 3 PM EST /12 PM Pacific  and get in on the conversation!

Here’s how to join in the live show:

Go to : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/my-kick-ass-dream-life-/2010/10/11/helloooo-can-you-feel-me-now

There is a chat function that you can log into and participate while listening to the live show on your computer.

or you can Dial in ( this way you can talk to us)

Phone Number: (661) 244-9817

Come get in on the conversation!

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