Here is How You Can Kick-Fears Ass!

In my last post I talked about fear and came to this conclusion:

Originally, fears purpose was survival, but now it mostly keeps you from expanding into your highest potential.

As promised, this time I am going to share my 3 step process for kicking fear to the curb so that you can get on with creating and enjoying  your kick-ass life.

So how do you kick fears ass and move it out of your way?

You follow these three steps:

Acknowledge, Explore, and Replace with thoughts about what you are wanting to create.

1.  Acknowledge the Fear: Shine the light of awareness on it and don’t let it lurk about in the dark.

Fear can be tricky and likes to lurk around behind other feelings.

Don’t let it pretend to be something else like:

  • confusion
  • the voice of reason
  • I don’t know what to do
  • excuses
  • self-doubt
  • anxiety
  • jealousy
  • resistance
  • nervousness
  • worry
  • anger
  • cluelessness ( is that even a word?)
  • procrastination

By shining the light of awareness on it you are making it conscious and you take some power away from it.

2.   Explore it and get to know what it is all about.

Do some self inquiry to get clear on what you are really afraid of. You need to know what you are dealing with. This helps you determine how to  set yourself up for success and support yourself in moving through it.

Are any of these “itis” coming into play: (via Abraham-Hicks)

  • “What-if-itis. Worrying about what hasn’t happened yet.
  • “What-is-itis”. Fearing things in your currently reality.
  • Perfectionistic-itis”. Trying to make everything perfect.
  • “Analysis-paralisis-itis“.  Spending so much time thinking everything through that you don’t take risksSpending all your time planning ahead for problems that might occur.

Once you are armed with this information, do what you can to resolve any issues, and set yourself up for success.

3.  Replace it with thoughts about what you really want.

Choose to focus on how it will feel to be living your kick-ass life. By doing this you are shifting your attention and energy towards what you do want, rather than focusing on your fear. Keep your eye on the prize. When you see all juicy goodness that you are headed for, the fear does not seem so powerful.

Still have questions? Ask away!

I am here to help.

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