Here’s What I Want You To Know…

Here’s what I see…..
We’ve had an awakening and we know what we want. And now we’re trying to replace the old patriarchal system we rejected with other people’s “hows”.
You’ve replaced the system you rejected with a new system of enlightenment (LOA, Divine feminine, Healthy Living, different spiritualities) and work hard to rock it out and become the persona it requires you to be.
You drink the green smoothies, try never to think negative thoughts, do your best to meditate twice a day, and get in touch with the goddess in you….But it’s still not working. Something is missing and there are big parts that feel off to you.
It’s got you doubting yourself and thinking you need to push harder so you can make it work.
The reason it’s not working and feels off is because you’re trying to apply someone else’s system to your life. Obeying someone else’s rules is not the way to play it.
Here’ what I want you to know- THERE. IS. NO. SYSTEM.
There isn’t one right way to achieve what you desire. When you reject one system it doesn’t mean you have to adopt an new one. It’s like we are trying to replace the old box we rejected with a new more enlightened box.
You have to invent your own system based on who you are and what you want.
What you want and what you envision does not exist yet. It’s your vision…It’s unique to you. Nobody else has a system for creating it. (I don’t even have a system for that). Don’t just take someone else’s system and try to apply it. Not even mine.
It’s understandable why we would want to jump right into someone else’s system. When you’re doing something new it’s scary. So much is unknown. We want a Guru to show us the way. So we can get it right. Get it faster. But when we try to- get it right- we’re really falling back into the old box of being a good girl.

You are your own Guru.

You’ll get where you want to go much faster if you slow down and go inside. The answers are inside of you, you just have to trust yourself a little bit.
Ask yourself what you want and what works for you, and build your own system around it.
Focus on growing your own capacities. Your ability to discern, adapt, innovate and choose what works for you.

Start telling the truth about what you want and what works for you. It will lead you where you want to go.

Becoming a Renegade Queen is a way to continue your conscious journey without adopting yet another restrictive, rule-based system. Instead, as a renegade and a queen, you grow your own capacity. I’ve got a coaching container in which you can do this. It’s not a system. It’s not a formula. It’s you, becoming more of you

You deciding what your life will be.

You telling the truth about what you want and what works for you.

Renegade Queens seek counsel, not gurus. They seek strategic advice, discern what will work for them and integrate what is useful for them into their plan.

Renegade Queens do not adopt systems whole. They do not obey.

They lead.

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