How Did She Break Free of Her Pre-Packaged Life?

Angela Minelli is a great example of someone who was living a less than satisfying, in-the-box, kind of life who empowered herself to make some major changes in order to take charge of her health and career.

Angela was considered to be very successful in her career in the insurance industry. She made great money, but she was uninspired and burnt out. She was dealing with all kinds of  physical aliments that made it hard for her to feel passionate about anything.

Then she empowered herself to do something about it! She set out on a healing journey that lead to many great awakenings and a career that she is passionate about.

How did she do it?

Check out this 60 minute interview where we explore how Angela broke free from her pre-packaged life, embraced her passions and created her version of a Kick-Ass Life.

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Click here to learn more about Angela and what she has to offer at her website-Wellness with Angela-

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