How much is a happy and meaningful life worth to you?

I am curious to learn how much your happiness is worth to you?

How much time and effort would you spend in order to bring more meaning into your life?

I think that these are important questions to ponder.

When I look around, I see that many people are spending lots of money on things that they feel will make life meaningful and them happy, and it might work for a brief time. We do live in a consumer society. Everyday we are bombarded with messages that tell us that we need this kind of car to be successful, those jeans to look cool, and a million other “things” that will make our lives complete. We are well programmed to fall into line and buy stuff.

Right now, with money being tight for many, it seems that there is a general longing for all these “things” that you can’t afford right now. The fact that you feel this way makes you scared, depressed, and uncertain.

“How will I ever be happy and fulfilled again if I have no money?”

I assure you, money does not buy happiness, or a meaningful life!

You know what does guarantee a happy and meaningful life?

Your relationship with yourself and being tapped into the things that are in alignment with who you are. Happiness and meaning is totally an inside job. You can’t buy it, or find it outside of yourself.

I will let you in on a secret. I used to be a huge consumer! I spent money like it was going out of style. I was working in a high-end restaurant, making lots of cash, and spending just as much, all in order to feel good and be happy. The reality was that I was not in the right job for me……..nor the right work environment. I was stressed out, frustrated and pretty bitchy most of the time. I went out for drinks most nights in order to feel good and decompress. I needed a lot of “stuff” and was always shopping because it was fun and made me feel good while I did it. I was always searching for something else to make me feel good and I spent lots of money in my pursuit of it. It was not the healthiest way to be living for a lot of reasons.
Then a series of things happened and I decided to do some soul searching and change my life. I made the choice to invest in myself rather than a bunch of “stuff”. It was a stretch, and felt pretty scary. I was definitely pushing myself out past my comfort zone.

But a very interesting thing happened.

As I began to invest in my own personal development, and doing the work, and learning about myself, I stop needing to consume so much. I would go to Target and not see one thing that I “had” to have. I did not “need” to go out for drink and dinner to de-stress. I changed jobs and actually made less money , but I was spending a lot less money, and my quality of life was much higher.

That’s what happens when you deepen your relationship with yourself and come into alignment with who you are. The meaning and happiness comes from inside of you, not buying things.

Lately, I have been talking to lots of people who say they want to change their lives. They want meaningful work, and more happiness. But they are hesitant to invest in that process. It is like meaningful work and happiness is a luxury item. They can’t justify the investment in themselves.
So I ask you again:

How much is a happy and meaningful life worth to you?

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