How To Be Happy Now

Do you want more out of life?

More fun, more inspiration, more success – More Juicy Goodness….mmmmm …YES!! Definitely more juicy goodness.

Me too!

happy-woman-runningSo what do you do about it?

Do you sit there saying your affirmations and intentions over and over again and wait for the Law of Attraction to do its thing?

Maybe you spend your time looking at your vision board dreaming of the day your stuff finally shows up and how happy you’ll be once you get it.

If that’s your strategy- Good Luck!

It’s never going to work because it’s all wrong energetically.

The Law of Attraction is often misunderstood to be some kind of magic trick or tool you pull out of your pocket to get stuff that you want. It’s so not that!!

The Law of Attraction is an energetic principle that refers to the way energy works. It’s like gravity:  you don’t have to do anything to make it work. It’s always there doing its thing by sending you back the same energy you are putting out.

I like to say– what you focus on expands. What you think about and focus your attention on determines how you FEEL. Your feelings are the energy that you are putting out behind your intentions.

Saying your affirmations and intentions over and over again usually doesn’t work because the energy behind it tends to be coming from a place of lack. What you’re really saying is that you are noticing that empty space where your stuff should be and doubting that it’s ever going to show up, so you keep asking for it over and over again.  Since the Law of Attraction is responding to your energy, if lack is what’s driving your actions, a feeling of lack is what you’ll get more of.

The same thing is going on when you spend time in front of your vision board dreaming of how happy you’re GOING to be once you get the job, lose those last 10 pounds, or find the right relationship… THEN you will finally be happy.

It doesn’t work that way.

Do you want to know what DOES work – really fast – when it comes to changing your life and creating what you want, especially if what you want is more juicy goodness?


Want to know why it works?

Appreciation is all about alignment.

When something lights up and feels good to you, it’s an indication of your alignment with it. Your higher-self resonates with it.

Think about it for a minute- appreciating something is valuing it and noticing that something about it makes you feel good. You could appreciate the beauty of a rose, or the way your lover always holds your hand when you’re walking down the street. When you are appreciating something, you are basically saying, “I like this! Send me more please!”

It’s super easy to activate the power of appreciation.

Make long lists of good qualities, sing someone’s praises, look for the juicy goodness that is already present in your life and bask in it.

Choose to focus your attention on everything that works, that feels good to you and that you want more of. When you do this you are saying- MORE of this please.

Most importantly- appreciate YOU!! Self-love is where it’s at!

I know- this is the hard part!

Embrace and appreciate who you are- flaws, quirks, weaknesses, strengths, and everything in between. Own what makes you uniquely YOU. The things that may seem weird, quirky or different about you are your greatest assets! Love. It. All.

When you love yourself up, and appreciate and feel good about who you are you’re sending a powerful signal out into the world that makes you bright and shiny. This powerful signal will attract back experiences and people who resonate with who you are.

That is when the juicy goodness really starts to flow in! Soon enough you’ll be basking in it and saying “I Love My Life” each and every day.

I’ve created a fun daily practice that I’d love to share with you called the Daily YUM*. It makes it really easy to embrace appreciation and activate it in your life. You can get a copy of it here.

*Warning- Extreme happiness is an often-reported side effect of it. 

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