How to Become a Brightly Shining Star

If you’re like me, you’re committed to living a luscious life and having a fun, successful business you wholeheartedly adore.

6043974-bright-shining-star-in-a-colourful-starburstYou’ve set up shop, taken tons of classes on how to grow your business, and your head is full of kick-ass ideas about how to build a big, sparkly, shimmering empire where you get to shine bright and share your awesomeness with the world.

The problem is that you’re not going for it!

You have the know-how, you just never seem to take the action and keep reigning yourself in.

So…You end up doing nothing at all or (even worse) playing it safe.

You’re certainly not being the brightly shining star that you know you’re here to be.

What’s up with that??

For years I wrestled with the desire to do big things in my business, but they never seemed to happen. I would half-ass the promotion of my new class, hold-back when it came to talking about what I was up to, and at the first sign of failure-I gave up!

I felt like I was doing something wrong. I kept thinking that I needed something else in order to finally get it right. One more class, coach, and book and I would have enough information to be the brightly shining star that I knew I was here to be.

Can you relate to that feeling too?

One thing I know for sure……..

If you want to succeed in business and in life – you need to have the courage, clarity and confidence to take risks, make bold moves and let yourself be seen.

It’s all one big experiment and you constantly need to be trying new things and evaluating if they work for you or not. This is impossible to do if you are taking things personally.

Owning your own biz is one BIG personal development process.

You constantly have to stretch outside your comfort zone and deal with your fears and doubts in order to put yourself out there and be seen.

In your head there’s a constant battle going on between the part of you that thinks you should play it safe and get a real job and the part that wants to fly your freak flag, shine bright and do fun, epic shit.

Plus, you’ve got a lot invested in your business, and I’m not just talking about time and money. It’s your heart and soul you’re sharing with the world, and that makes you feel really vulnerable.

The worst part is that your self-worth gets all tangled up with your results. You end up feeling like a failure and a fraud and you wonder if you should just put yourself out of your misery and close up shop.

Sound familiar???

So what do you do about it?

First off- Know that there is nothing wrong with you!!!!  You’re brilliant, and the world needs what you have to offer.

Secondly- Trust that You can make money by being YOU and doing work that you love. People are doing it every day.

And most importantly, you need to work the inner-shit out and super-charge your self-love factor so you feel good about who you are and what you have to offer.

Doing the inner-work will allow you to stop taking things so personally so you can do the epic shit you’re here to do.

I discovered that I didn’t need to learn anymore business shit; I needed to do some inner-work and boost my self-love factor so I could stop taking my business so personally.

Once I did the inner-work- everything changed. I started flying my freak flag high and proud and putting myself out there in much bigger ways. It started to pay off immediately: More clients, successful classes, and all kinds of fun opportunities to collaborate with other awesome people.

unleash-1My experience with this inspired me to create Unleash Yourself so I can help you shine bright too.

Unleash Yourself is a fun 30-day intensive program, delivered virtually, that works on multiple levels to help you identify and release the crap that holds you back and clean up your energy while super-charging your self-love factor.

Unleash Yourself is THE opportunity to go deep and really blast out the crap and clean up the energy that is preventing you from taking action on all the cool things you want to do in your business (and your life).

You’ll be shining bright and loving your life in no time.

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