How To Choose Freedom Over Fear ( Audio)

This morning I was blasting P!nk, drinking out of my Queen cup and thinking-

Queen cupQuestions like- “How do I want to feel?” and “Do I feel more like myself?”, rather than “What do they expect?” and “What will they think of me?”

Seriously, if you want the freedom to live the life you want to live you need to move from fear based to LIBERATION based ways of thinking about things, making choices and taking action.

STOP wasting your time and energy worrying about what everyone else is going to think and START focusing on what will move you forward towards what you want.

This conversation in my head was so powerful…I was inspired to make a short, kick-ass audio for you.

Give a listen…. it’s under 12 minutes…. and learn some simple questions that will help you operate from a place of liberation, growth and expansion.

A few of the highlights……
~ A simple way to know what’s driving you–> fear or liberation.
~ How to take fear out of the driver seat when it comes to making choices and taking action.
~ Some simple questions that will help you access more freedom.
~ Why you don’t need to push, fight or jump through a bunch of hoops in order to have what you want.

Let me know what brilliant insights listen ting to this brings!

P. S. If you’re ready to really LIVE this – and  operate from a place of liberation, growth and expansion- sign up for Unleash Yourself. It will teach you how to move out of fear and into freedom in 30 days. Class starts Sept 27th.

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