How to Create a Kick-Ass Life-Part 2

Getting Up Close and Personal with YOU

(This is the second installment of How to Create a Kick-Ass Life.)

A common problem for a non-conforming soul is that you lose touch with your inner guidance and you end up feeling a bit lost and full of self doubt.

I think this happens because for most of your life you are marching to the beat of a different drummer, and everyone around you keeps telling you that YOU are out of sync.

It starts when you are a child, doing your own thing, and your parents want to mold you into their idea of a good child. They told you to quiet down, stop being so silly and to try harder. You are taught to follow their rules and behave in a certain way. This is also when you are taught to ignore how you feel and to do what you’re told so that things will be peaceful.

Then Things Get Worse

This only gets worse as you grow older. You go to school and there are more rules to follow, but now you have to deal with the other kids. There’s a lot of pressure to fit in so that you will be included. There is nothing worse than being picked last for kick-ball or to have to sit by yourself for lunch every day!

It is really easy to begin to make yourself wrong for being different, or to try to force yourself into the box so that you will fit in. You learn to play the game so that you will be included or you don’t even try and you become the mysterious  lone ‘lone wolf’ who is always off by themselves.

That was the route that I chose. I did my own thing, but I spent a lot of my time feeling like there was something wrong with me and resenting the hell out of the popular kids.  It was tough. I was often made wrong for being different, and this made me doubt myself and not trust my instincts. It made me feel like I didn’t know what was best for me.

Enter Adulthood

We carry this behavior into adulthood. Society has so many ideas and expectations around what you need to do in order to be as a successful adult, and what a meaningful life looks like.

Most people are doing the exact same thing with their lives -go to school, get a ‘real’ job, get married, have kids, work hard to provide for your family, save for your future, and then when you retire you can pursue your dreams.

On a day to day basis it becomes one big miserable grind. It’s the same-old-thing day in and day out.

The end result is that you begin to tune out and go into survival mode. Next thing you know, you’re stuck in a gigantic rut and you can’t see any way out of it.

This is no way to live!! I existed in that place for too many years before I broke free.

The way Out

The way out of this big, frustrating rut, is to reconnect with yourself and start listening to the beat of your own drummer again. It’s still there underneath everything else. You just forgot how to hear it.

The reality is that you are the only one who knows exactly what you need to feel totally alive, living life full out, on fire and deeply satisfied. Everything you need to know is right there inside of you, you just need to learn how tune into it.

If you want to create a Kick-Ass Life you need to learn how to tune into this inner wisdom so you can confidently identify what you need in order to custom design your life to fit you perfectly.

In order to do this you will need to get to know yourself on a much deeper level so that you know your preferences, what works, and what you need to feel deeply satisfied.

A New Set of Skills

This is a new set of skills for many people.

That is why we will spend 4 weeks exploring different ways to  know yourself better in the second module of the group program Create Your Kick-Ass Life in 2011.

Do you want help getting to know yourself better?

If you want to work on getting to know yourself better so that you can use this information to custom design your life to fit you perfectly, sign up for Create Your Kick-Ass Life in 2011.

We will be getting under way on Monday, February 7th.  This year long program will give you all the tools, guidance and support that you need to create your kick-ass life.

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