How To Deal With Your Family Over The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving!

The big question is-how do you feel about spending time with your family? Are you excited or dreading it?

Being around family is the fastest way to see if you have truly unleashed yourself from self-doubt, people pleasing, other people’s expectations, and all the other crap that prevents you from being 100% you and ruling your world.

It’s too easy to slip right back into those old familiar patterns of doubting yourself  and getting defensive when people start asking you questions about what you’re doing with your life and when you’re finally going to settle down and get serious. Especially when you don’t have clear answers for them or you know what you’re choosing is not what they consider to be the right way of doing things.

How do you deal with it?

What I’ve learned is that the more I love and accept myself, the more able I am to love and accept everyone else and that makes it a hell of a lot easier to spend time with my family.

When you think that there is something wrong with you for not being who your family wants you to be, it’s hard to face all the questions and comments that people will be making without becoming defensive and feeling judged.

When you unleash yourself from all that crap and feel good about who you are and the choices you are making; it’s much easier to talk about your life, what you are creating and where you are headed.

In my family, I made it very clear early on that I had my own way of doing things. I don’t feel the need to explain my choices or justify how I’m living my life. If I want advice, I ask for it. I do have a few family members who have very strong opinions about what I should be doing and like to loudly offer up all kinds of unsolicited advice, but I choose not to spend that much time with them. Because I get to choose…..just like you …who I want to spend time with.

Rather than making them wrong for who they are; I stopped expecting them to change and made the personal choice to engage with them only when it feels good to me.

What boundaries would you like to set with your family?

If you feel that you still need some help unleashing yourself from trying to make everyone else happy, playing roles that don’t fit, other people’s expectations, and all the other crap that prevents you from being 100% you and ruling your world, check out the new digital version of Unleash Yourself.

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