How to Defy the Box: Step 2. Question Everything

When talking about the “Box “, I am referring to all the stories, thoughts and ideas that you hold about how the world works and who you are. Somewhere along the line you “agreed” that these stories, thoughts and ideas were true and you set out to live your life by them.
What makes them true?
You believe them.
Are they really true?
Not necessarily, but your believing that they are true gives them lots of power over you.
This is why a vital step in breaking free from the box is to begin questioning all your beliefs and stories about how the world works and who you are supposed to be. Most of these stories and beliefs that you agreed to are based on assumptions, your taking things personally, or you heard something over and over from someone else and you just took it to be true. You never gave yourself the opportunity to determine if this “agreement” actually worked for you. This is why many people are struggling to live a life that does not feel good to them.
Here is a general guideline that you can follow: If something in your life does not feel good, take some time to consider why you are doing what you are doing.
Ask yourself these questions:
Why do I need to do this?
What is really happening here?
Is it something I am supposed to do?
Am I attempting to be someone I think I am supposed to be?
Who decided that this was the thing for me?
Is it working for me? If not, what would?
What do I want to experience?
What would feel good to me?
This line of self-inquiry will help you get in touch with what it is that YOU want in life and will allow you to be conscious of what your stories are. Once you begin to identify what your stories and beliefs are, you are in a position to re-write them to support the life you want to live.

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