How to Dominate Your World

The World Domination Summit was such an amazing event and I can’t seem to stop talking about it.

I was surrounded by 500 creative, inspired people who were all saying YES to their dreams and the idea of living a Kick-Ass Life. The speakers all shared their own personal stories of transformation and what it took for them to find their version of a deeply satisfying life. It felt deeply validating to hear the processes  that I share with my clients reflected in their stories!

Here are some of the key points that I took away that you can embrace to help you dominate your own world.

1- Stop settling for an unsatisfying life! Claim the life that you want! You deserve it and can have it.

2. Focus on how you want to feel in the different aspects of your life. You don’t have to know exactly what you will be doing or how it is all going to happen. If you stay focused on how you want to feel in your life and look for the things that allow you to feel that way you will get much farther and discover many more opportunities for success.

3.  Make a list of all the things that; you don’t like to do, waste your time, drain your energy and aren’t in your skill set and stop doing these things. Free your energy up to pursue your passions and honor your strengths.

4. Change your habits so that they support the life you want to live. Do this one habit at a time. Take small, manageable steps towards changing things. Do this in an easy gentle way and celebrate every little success.

5. Celebrate what makes you different. Own your unique talents and gifts. Have fun with your differences and allow them to help make you extra-ordinary. This is where your special magic lies!

6. Be at choice in all things. Even if you find yourself in a negative situation make it your choice to be there, or get out.  As Danielle Laporte says “Love the Hell you’re in”. You are never a victim.

7. Stop setting big goals, but rather focus on what you are excited about doing each day, but if you must have a goal make it a feeling based goal. For example- Over the next 6 months I want to experience more freedom rather than saying in the next 6 months I’m going to quit my job and work for myself. Freedom comes in many forms. By setting the goal to find more freedom you are opening yourself up to many different possibilities.

8. Follow you heart not your head!

9. Stop asking friends, family and co-workers for advice about following your dreams. Only you know what is right and true for you. When you ask for other people opinions you invite all their fears, projections, and expectations into the conversation and that gets in the way of your making the right choice for you. If you need help making a decision an impartial outsider- like a coach – is a better choice.

10. Surround yourself with people who will say “YES” to your dreams and who will support you in living them.  Open minded, supportive people are essential when you are going after your dreams. Find the people who will explore the possibilities and help you create opportunities to live the life that you want to live. They are out there…you just need to look for them.

How many of these key points are you living right now?

If you are struggling to embrace any of these points I can help. I invite you to set up a Kick-Ass Consultation to discuss how I can help you dominate your world.

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