How to have a Kick-Ass Job Show Series

We’re getting ready to start a new show series tomorrow on My Kick-Ass Dream Life.
It’s called – How to Have a Kick-Ass Job and we would love to have you join us for a live show or listen to the podcast.

Is your job satisfying?

Do you get what you need from it?

Whether it is your life’s work, or just a paycheck, it can be a Kick-Ass situation for you. So much of your life is spent working; you might as well get what you need from it.  During this series we will explore different ways to make your J.O. B. deeply satisfying and fulfilling.

3/7/ 2011

Week 1: Claiming it!–claiming-it

Why are you working? What do you want to get from it? Is it just a paycheck or is it your life’s work? Knowing these things makes it so much easier to create the ideal situation. During this show we empower you to get clear on exactly what you want from your work life and to claim it for yourself.


Week 2:  What prevents you from having the ideal work situation?–episode-2

What stands in the way of you having your idea work situation right now? What needs to shift and change for that to happen? During this show we identify the blocks and help you move through them.

Week 3: Bringing it in.–bringing-it-in

What does the perfect job look like to you?

Once you identify what you want from your job, how do you go about building upon that information and creating the ideal situation for yourself?  On today’s show we will talk about how to identify what you want and then amplify the energy  in order to create a deeply satisfying and fulfilling work situation.

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