I think we have it backwards…..

What if creating your kick-ass dream life is more about how you want to feel in your life  than the things that you want to have?

When I talk to people about their kick-ass dream life, they tend to go right into describing what it will look like to them and all the things that are in it. They tell me about the cool career that they will have, and the awesome house and all the things that they will do. Once they have all these things THEN their life will feel totally kick-ass!

I think that this approach is backwards. It is extremely limiting and gives way too much power to the material things in your life.

If you are honest with yourself, the reason why you want these things; be it a job, house, or car, is because you think that you will feel a certain way once you have it.

And it might be true that all those things will make your life kick-ass, but I imagine that there are all kinds of things yet to be discovered that would work for you too.

What if you started off with being really clear on how you want to feel in your life, and create from there?

If you commit to looking for the things in your life that feel really good to you, then you can more easily build your kick-ass life around you.

I find that when you are tapped into how you want to feel, and you look for the things that allow you to feel that way, the possibilities expand and it becomes much easier to start living your kick-ass life right now.

What does your kick-ass dream life feel like to you?

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