Is Fear Holding You Back? Here’s a Solution!

I am proud to announce that The 3 Steps to Kicking Fears Ass is ready!

Woo-hoo!    High Five!

This e-book is my solution for you if you are finding yourself tripped up by fear when you are going after your kick-as dream life.

I created this e-book because fear is hands down the biggest obstacle that I see for my clients. It is often disguised as something else like; self-doubt, worry, overwhelm, anxiety, or confusion. When you dig down into it you discover that it is really fear lurking about trying to protect you by keeping you small.

The question is:  How do you move past it?

I lay out my three steps for doing this in the e-book.

Here is a preview:

1.  Acknowledge your fear and call it out for what it is. Fear feels bad, so our tendency is to ignore it, call it something else, or blame something outside of ourselves for it. You don’t want to own it because it makes you feel vulnerable and you don’t want to deal with it.  Trust me, ignoring it is not helping any.  Acknowledge and own it, then you will be better positioned to deal with it. (Ok….I have to acknowledge that sometimes fear can be exciting and thrilling….but then it really isn’t a problem, is it?)

2. Explore your  fear and shine the light of awareness on it. Know what you are dealing with. Go deep into it. In most cases, you fear only has power over you because it is unexamined. In many cases it is based on something that falls apart when you look closely at it. In other cases, it is something that goes much deeper than you originally thought. You need to identify exactly what you are afraid of  to effectively move past it.

3. Replace the fear with thoughts about what you really want. Now that you know what you are dealing with and are feeling more empowered, it is important to shift your focus onto what you want so the fear gets muscled out of the way. You are the boss of your thoughts. Focus on how freakin’ awesome it is going to feel to be living the life that your fear is trying to keep you from. Amplify that energy every day. Next thing you know you will be living that life for real.

Now in the e-book there is plenty of discussion around fear and how to work each of these steps to move past it. There are questions that you can ask yourself to help get to the heart of the matter and I share the same tools with you that I offer my private clients. I have seen amazing results in my own life and with my clients with this process.

If The 3 Steps to Kicking Fear’s Ass is just what you have been waiting for, go snatch up your copy now. I have it listed at an introductory low price that will go up on September 25. Click here to get your copy now!

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