Is what you offer good enough?

I’ve been thinking about the belief that there is a right way to put yourself out there and share your gifts, and it often involves becoming someone else and jumping through a bunch of hoops before you are worthy of being seen and appreciated for what you offer.

I see this pattern in the way people approach their business and their life. There is a whole persona that you need to take on in order to be taken seriously or to fit into the currant culture.

We feel like we need to become someone else in order to be good enough to share out gifts. We spend thousands of dollars in an effort to find someone to tell us what to do…to become worthy of sharing our gifts.

I’ve certainly fallen into this trap. When ever I felt “less than” in my coaching business… when I was full of self doubt and feeling like what I was offering wasn’t good enough….I’d slap down big piles of money to hire someone who would come in and fix me. Tell me what I was doing wrong.

The reality was, I needed to stop trying to follow someone else’s plan and figure out what worked for me….what felt good… how I wanted to show up.

I needed to stop trying to FIX the problem that was me, and start focusing on what was working and where I wanted to go.

Embracing my sovereignty and and building my Renegade Queen Skill Set was the answer, so I could make decisions and chose actions that were based on who I am and what works for me.

Now, when I hire someone to work with me, it’s to build skills, rather than to tell me what to do or fix a problem.

The same goes for my coaching business…..I help you cultivate your own set of Renegade Queen Skills rather than offering a bunch of prescriptive programs so you can tune into what works for you as you bring more of yourself out into the world.

What Renegade Queen Skills are you ready to cultivate?


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