Is working for yourself REALLY part of your Kick-Ass Dream Life?

What do you really want from your work life?

How do you want to feel at the end of your day?

What do you need to feel secure-successful-satisfied?

Is owning your own biz the real solution?

It seems a common belief that the only way to have the freedom and flexibility that you crave is to own your own biz or and work for yourself, but is that really true?

On Monday Nov, 8th at 3 PM EST we will be talking about this very thing on My Kick-Ass Dream Life . The conversation will be focused on exploring what you want and the different ways to go about getting it. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Come get in on the conversation!

You can join the live show two ways:

1. Pick up your phone and dial
(661) 244-9817

You will be connected with the show and you can listen in live. If you want to join in the conversation and share something, or ask a question you can do so by pushing #1 button to virtually raise your hand and let us know you want to join in.

2. You can click this link to stream the show live over your computer.

If you go this route you have the option to log into the chat that is going in real time with the live show. You will need to set up a free blog talk account to log into the chat…don’t worry…it’s easy.

If you can’t make the live show you can listen to the recording of the show via the same link anytime you like after the show airs live.

I hope you can make it!

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