It All Starts With A Decision

The decision to……

Write your book, launch your biz, find a hot, juicy relationship, teach that class and follow your dreams.

decision madeTo finally allow yourself to HAVE exactly what you’ve been wanting for so long.

The decision to ignore your inner-critic, stop over analyzing and second guessing yourself- if only for a moment- and go for what you truly desire.

The decision to move through the discomfort of not knowing how it’s all going to get there.

You can clearly see and feel your desire shimmering before you and inviting you in.

You are inspired and excited about the possibility and feel the urge to step into it.

In this moment you are perfectly aligned with your desire and can feel the energy and expansion as your world opens up to it.

You are clear that you want this and are ready to go for it.

The decision has been made. I. Will. Have. This!


The challenge is……

To stay aligned with your desire and your decision to have it.

To transform the inner-bitches that tell you “you can’t do it” into helpful hotties who love and support you along the way.

To stop worrying about HOW it’s all going to happen and create the space for your next steps to unfold.

To feel good about what you are creating for yourself and celebrating all the progress that you’ve made.

It’s too easy to slip back into that old, habitual headspace where you doubt and second guess yourself, over-analyze everything, and making yourself wrong when things don’t go as planned. In this space, all you can see is how what you want is not there yet and how you’re going to have to do a bunch of shit you can’t stand in order to make something happen.

The solution?

Create a support structure that will keep you tuned into your desire, out of your self-defeating stories, and perfectly aligned with what you want to create so the process feels good and you can start having what you want.

There are two ways I can help you with this.

You can step into The Vortex of Creation or work privately with me.

I’d love to talk with you about either option.


I’d love to hear about what you are deciding to have in the comments below.


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