It Was Hard to Accept this About Myself

Do you love and accept yourself for who you really are?

It is very clear to me that it is vitally important to do so. Loving and accepting yourself is a key component for living a Kick-Ass Life. Doing so gives you the freedom to be you, in all your freaky glory!

When it comes right down to it-Who else can you be?

The more I focus on loving and accepting myself, the easier it is becomes to see the places that I don’t.

It’s usually something that I think I’m supposed to be but I’m not, and I try so hard to live up to this expectation, and I can’t.

The end result is that I feel pretty crappy about myself and end up feeling like there is something wrong with me because I can’t be something that I am not.

Let’s use willpower for an example! Willpower is one of those things that people say you’re supposed to have in order to get things done. After 45 years of trying to use my will power to get things done, I have to accept that I don’t have any.

Self-discipline and I are not friends!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve beaten myself up for not being able to use my willpower to stay on a diet, or resist temptation, or to write every day. I’ll take this a step farther and say that I can’t make myself do much of anything.

I remember having an ongoing conversation with a friend, who is a writer, about the need to have the will power and self-discipline to sit down at your desk everyday and make yourself write.  This sounded like the worst kind of torture to me, but I tried it anyway.

I just couldn’t do it!  The more I tried, the less I actually wrote.

The reality is that I just don’t work that way. Finally accepting this made me feel so much better about myself, and it makes it much easier to identify what does work.

I assure you that I get all kinds of things done!  I have my own business, I own my own home, I have an amazing relationship and I am deeply satisfied with most aspects of my life.

I’ve learned to relax and let my inspiration around creating something come in its own good time. I can’t force it. It always shows up when it is ready too and then things start happening in a rush of activity.

I don’t need to be someone who has willpower to create a life that I want to live. I achieve so much more when I allow myself to be me and I surrender to my OWN process.

I’m curious; who are you trying to make yourself be?

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