It’s Time for Amplification Friday!

How often do you take the time to sit back and bask in appreciation for the good things in your life?


Doing so adds a big boost to your Kick-Ass Creation process. By basking in your good feelings you are amplifying that energy and sending a powerful message to the Universe that says-MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

This is why I’ve created Amplification Friday!

We’ve been doing this for the past year or so over on my Facebook Fan page and it occurred to me that it would be really cool to do it here too.

Would you care to join me in a bit of basking?

I invite you to sit back and reflect on your week. Think about everything that you appreciated in it.

Include all the different aspects in your life….people, places, things and your job.

Don’t forget to find something to appreciate about yourself too!

Now that you have all of these wonderful thoughts, take 5 minutes to bask in the juicy good feelings that thinking of these things brings.

How did that feel?

I invite you to share what you appreciate in the comments below to put a bit more power behind it.

I encourage you to spread the love by sharing it with your friends.

I’ll  start things off: I appreciate the freedom that I have in my life! I can pretty much do what ever I want when I want. I love the ability that I have to get up and focus my attention on what excites me and interests me for the day. I get to follow my bliss and it rocks! I’m also in deep appreciation for the amazing people in my life. I am surrounded by the most creative, interesting, caring people who pursue their passions and love to have a good time! What are you appreciating from your week?

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