It’s Time to Amplify!

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s time to play Amplification Friday by taking some time to think about all the kick-ass stuff that we are appreciating from our week and bask in the juicy good feeling of it.

Are you ready?

I feel like this week was full of juicy good moments for me to appreciate.

I will start by appreciating my cat Spike. He is such a wonderful sweet kitty. He sleeps with me every night to protect me from any monsters that might be lurking around. When I wake up in the morning he comes up by my head and gives me some kitty love to start my day. I love the relationship that Spike and my loverman Alan have. They hang out and talk to each other.

What I’m especially appreciating about Spike is his playful nature and even

Laser Beam Eyes activated!

though he’s 13 and missing some teeth, he’s still is a mighty hunter. It was delightful to watch Spike and Alan hunt a gigantic moth that was flying around the living room and to watch Spike leap up in the air and catch it….then promptly gobble it up. Eating the moth seemed to activate his laser beam eyes….which was kind of freaky but really cool too!

I appreciate the space I have in my week to go to the beach and enjoy a peaceful day basking in the sun and relaxing with my sweetie. The sand felt nice between my toes and the ocean air blew gently. My new beach umbrella protected me from too much sun and enabled me to stay on the beach all day!

I’m going to share one last thing- I appreciate my Mastermind group and the way they help bring me back to my center when I’m caught up in being a “wimpy sissy-pants”  and forgetting who I  really am. It feels good to be supported in this way. It is something that I deeply need in my business.

Wow! I can feel the juicy goodness of it swirling around me.

It’s your turn to amplify! I invite you to share what you are appreciating in the comments below.


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