Knowing When To Let Go

What does breaking up, bad links and podcasts  have to do with each other?

It’s something extremely important when it comes to freedom and ruling your world.

Any guesses??

Let’s start with podcasts….

You know what I hate….worrying about who is going to show up for things like live events, calls, and my radio show. I know I shouldn’t worry about such things….but I do.

This worrying creates some wonky energy around my Wisdom Collective Show.

I LOVE interviewing other kick-ass people and hearing their stories and have dreams of creating a powerful show that inspires other entrepreneurs to really go for it in their biz. I want it to be fun and easy.

BUT……I’d worry about promoting the show enough ahead of time and then I’d get super concerned with how many people showed up to listen live. It was totally distracting and sucked the fun out of the process for me.

Worrying like this knocked me right out of alignment and felt crappy!

For this past episode we decided to record the show ahead of time, then play it back at show time. Woo-Hoo! This felt so expansive and fun. No worries about people tuning in live, just me and Nona having a fabulous conversation with no distractions. Total alignment!!!

I decide to let go of the old way of doing things, embrace this new model and shift the Wisdom Collective into a podcast. Less pressure more fun…same great content! Everyone wins.

Extra added bonus…It’s ⅓ of the cost to do a podcast and I put the first few episodes up on Soundcloud and immediately had new fans!


Then there is the break up…

Back in the fall my biz was on fire. Month after month my income was growing. I was constantly making more money than ever before while working with the most kick-ass people ever. I was in the flow in oh so many ways.

Things were going so well, I decided to hire an awesome assistant to help me expand my business. It seemed like a match made in heaven. I loved the work she did for me and it felt good to get the things I didn’t love doing off my plate.

Three months in we had admit there were some issues. Mis-communications, things getting lost in the shuffle, and my list building efforts failing miserably. People were jumping ship left and right. By January half my business had disappeared. WTF!!

Something was clearly out of alignment, but I was blinded by my love. The funny thing about being out of alignment, if you ignore it, it gets worse!

My list kept shrinking, no one was calling, and then the bad links started happening. No matter how hard we tried, my emails would go out with the wrong links in them. (This drives me crazy!!) Then I noticed my website had them too.

We couldn’t pretend anymore. We were so NOT in alignment. We talked about it, tried to straighten things out, but ultimately we decided to break up so we could each find alignment with someone else.

As soon as that decision was made, new people started knocking at my door and I can feel things slipping right back into alignment for me.

The moral of this story- pay attention to your alignment! If something doesn’t feel good and you’re not getting the results you’re looking for….you are out of alignment. Time to shift things around till you can feel things open up.

Look for your alignment in every aspect of your life. It will open up the way for the juicy goodness to flow in.

If you are ready to set your life up to fit you perfectly and are looking for a community of like minded women to support you in getting there….Step into the Vortex.  Right now is the perfect time to join us as we gather up momentum for another round.

If this sounds enticing, lets talk.

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