Laying the Ground Work for the New Year part 2

How was the eggnog? ( Or tequila depending on how you roll).

Are you back all refreshed and ready to move on to the next step?

Here we go……

Why do I want what I want?

The next step is to ask yourself what success looks like for you in the New Year
in all the areas of your life. What do you want to see happen and
why do you want it (What will you get out of it?)
For example:
(What) I want to double my income. (Why) I will feel a great sense of
freedom as I pay extra on my mortgage and quickly build more equity in my home.

(What)I want exercise to be a regular and fun part of my life. (Why) I want
to feel flexible and energetic and able to do all the physical activity that
I desire as I get older.

Doing this process connects you with the end result that you are looking for,
and that is what it is really all about. We do everything that we do because we
are looking for a specific outcome. This can be a conscious or unconscious process.
The more conscious you make it; the more likely you are to get what you want.
The clearer you are on what the end result you are looking for it, the easier
it will be to bring it into your life.

For example, let’s say that you want more money.
Why do you want more money?

“So I can easily pay my bills.”

Well, if easily paying you bills is the desired outcome there are many ways to go
about it…some might not even involve making more money.Maybe you can reduce your
bills, or go to a cheaper bar where drinks are not $12 a pop, or find a
sugar daddy…or mama…depending on your preference. So, my point is that if what
you really want is to easily pay all your bills then focus your attention on that.
Making more money is just one solution to that problem.

Create your Vision

The final step is to take all your new found clarity and write down your
vision for what you want to experience in the upcoming year. Let me stress that
you do not need to know HOW you are going to get any of these things and
trying to figure it out is the fastest way to get bogged down and lose focus.
Give yourself permission to get a little crazy with this and DREAM BIG!

Imagine that you can actually have, be and do anything that you desire.
There is nothing standing in your way.

Now go for it!

While you are writing this big dream out, do your best to incorporate all
five senses into the description. Feel how awesome it will be to have all
that you desire.
Let the juicy goodness wash over you.

How does it feel?

OK..Now what do I do with my vision?

Keep your vision close to you and refer to it often. This is your map
for the coming year. Keep it accessible and look at it often.
If you are feeling crafty, you can take this a step farther and make a
dream map or vision board out of this.
Look at your vision statement / dream map often and allow yourself to
feel how great it is to have all these things in your life.
Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that will bring these things to you.
Focus on what is showing up and how you are getting closer every day.
When you feel like you are losing focus,look at your map and reconnect with it.
Feel free to change it, and adjust to it as you move through the year.
I know that I can easily get distracted and scattered by a million shiny
things that I come across every day. Staying connected to my vision keeps
my focused and on track. It also helps me determine if that shiny sparkly
thing is worth my time and effort.

Oh Yhea….I forgot the most important step.

Once you finish with the creation process,take some time and CELEBRATE how awesome you are.

You totally ROCK!

I wish you many blessings and lots of juicy goodness in the New Year.

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