Let go and get on with it already!

The other day I was going through a bunch of old emails and I found a message from a dear friend. In it was a link to a video that she found called Breaking-Free. This topic is very appealing to me so I got comfy with my kitty companions and a cup of coffee and I watched the video.

This video was very cool. It highlighted a number of people who broke free of their conventional lives, took some risks, and journeyed off to far away lands to create their kick-ass dream lives.

The thing that rang true for me, was that they all had to release some ideas about how their lives were suppose to be in order to discover the things that were deeply meaningful and satisfying. They talked about never dreaming that they would end up doing what they are doing now, or that it was even possible.

I see this with my clients as well. Living your kick-ass dream life IS NOT about anything that you need to wait to have in the future when you have everything set up just right.

Living your kick-ass dream life IS about allowing yourself to let go of all the things that stand in your way of going for it.

It’s also about:

  • giving yourself permission to take risks.
  • trusting that the Universe has your back and is conspiring with you to get you what you want.
  • fully committing to going for it.
  • being strongly connected to your reasons for doing so because that is what will move you through the challenging places.

Get these things in place and you will be well on your way to Kick-Ass!

Here is the video that inspired me. Enjoy!

Breaking Free [FULL] from Matador Network on Vimeo.

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