Let’s get freaky!

inner-freak as your super power

This week on My Kick-Ass Dream Life we’re gonna  get  freaky and talk about embracing your Inner-Freak. ( This show was postponed till Oct. 25th…please join us then!)

“What the hell is my inner-freak?  Is this something sexual?”

Well…..it can be something sexual…but not necessarily.

Your Inner-Freak is your super power!  This is where your magic lies.

It knows what you are really good at and what you will get the most satisfaction from.

It also knows what will make you happy and is always on the lookout for fun.

Your Inner-Freak is the part of you that is uniquely you and different from everyone else. It likes to put potato chips on your tuna fish sandwich, and wear glittery eye makeup and crystals on your forehead. It’s the part that likes to dress up in crazy costumes and frolic in the forest. It is the part that cries out for something more, and longs to go on grand adventures. It is the part of you that thinks it will be fun to go to Tuscany and do pottery for the summer, or quit your boring day job and become a yoga teacher in Peru.

The sad part is that most of us learned to ignore our Inner –Freak at a young age. Sometimes people didn’t respond to our ‘freakiness’ so well.  We learned to hide it so that we could fit in and not be made fun of or bullied. We convinced ourselves that there was something wrong with our Inner-Freak and we learned tune it out and ignore it.

I will let you in on a secret……if you want to live a Kick-Ass Life; you need to become good friends with your Inner-Freak. It is your biggest asset.

Want to learn more about doing this?  Tune in Monday-10/25 – at 3 PM EST and get in on the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/my-kick-ass-dream-life-/2010/10/25/lets-get-freaky

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