Leveraging The LOA And Why It’s OK To Think Negative Thoughts

I feel so much better after my little flip out and explaining what the law of attraction is and isn’t.

Now I’m going to explain why understanding how the LOA works can help you create a kick-ass life and I’m going to tell you why it’s really OK to think negative thoughts sometimes.


Law of attraction is an energetic principle that says like energy attracts like energy. There is nothing for you to DO to make this all happen, but you are well served to be aware that this dynamic is always going on in the background.


Why does it serve you to grok this?

Because everything is made up of energy, including your body, thoughts and feelings. You are constantly transmitting energy out into the world that is attracting back like energy for you to experience.


Embracing this knowledge gives you an opportunity to be deliberate about the energy you are embodying and transmitting out into the universe and attracting back to you. I’m not just talking about paying attention to your words and actions; I’m talking about your thoughts and feelings too.



What you focus your attention on, you give energy too.

You could be thinking I want a cupcake or I don’t want a cupcake and in BOTH cases you are focusing your attention (and energy on) cupcakes. Any of you who have tried to stay away from cupcakes knows that thinking about NOT having one is the best way to have them on your mind all day long.


The things you think about over and over again become your primary frequency that you are sending out into the world. If you are always worrying about money and feeling like there is never enough then that is exactly what you will experience whether you have $5 in your bank account or $5,000,000.


What you focus on expands!

If you only focus on what isn’t working and all the problems that need to be solved you will find problems to solve everywhere.

I want to stop right here and address the idea that you shouldn’t think negative thoughts because you will attract bad things if you do.

You can’t control what thoughts pop into your head.

At any given moment there are all kinds of random thoughts floating around in our heads, but we are only focusing on a few of them at a time.


Thinking a negative thought is OK, but latching onto and thinking about it over and over again will make it expand.


You can’t control if you think a negative thought. What you can control is whether or not you grab onto it and give it your attention and get caught up in a big swirl of negativity. The more you focus your attention on your negative thoughts the more they expand (like energy attracts like energy).


The only thing you can control is where you focus your attention.

When a negative thought pops into your head the best course of action is to not latch onto it and shift your focus to something else.

But, sometimes these thoughts have some kick to them and you can’t help but latch on to them.  If this is the case, it’s ok to notice it and acknowledge that it is there, perhaps say…that would suck if that happened, and then move on and shift your focus to how you want things to be. Ask yourself “What would feel better?” or “How do I want this to be?”.

Ignoring your negative thoughts and bad feelings only serves to give them more juice… It’s like me saying…don’t think about the cupcakes, beautiful chocolate cupcakes with delicious chocolate icing on them and now all you can do is think about cupcakes (yhea…I went there).

You don’t want to resist or ignore your feelings cause the act of doing that takes way more energy than it does to acknowledge them and move on.

What you don’t want to do with your negative thoughts and feelings is create a big story around them which just serves to anchor them into your reality. The more you focus on them, talk about them to other people, explain why they are true and get into the why-is-this-happening-to-me” mentality, the more power they have over you. (I’ll talk more about this in another post.)


I always tell my clients to feel all their feelings! Acknowledge how you feel and allow yourself to fully experience what it is trying to tell you. Follow it down the rabbit hole and see what you find on the other side. You can handle it. It always feels better on the other side…and that is what you are going for. Resisting your feelings causes way more problems in the long run.


Thinking negative thoughts is OK. It happens. Grabbing onto them and talking about them to your friends and letting them spin out of control in your head while trying to ignore them because it feels shitty to think about them is a problem.

Acknowledge that they are there, feel them fully without a big story attached to them, and look for the relief that you will find on the other side.
I’d love to answer any questions you have about leveraging the LOA and wrangling your negative thoughts in the comments below.


OK…next post will talk about why loving yourself up is the best way to create your kick-ass life and why it’s not your fault when things don’t go your way.



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