Liberation or Fear

Do you ever feel like you need to reign yourself in so other people feel comfortable?

Or you worry about how other people are going to react so you don’t say what you think, dance across the room, or write the blog post you’re dying to share?

Perhaps you find yourself over analyzing everything to the point that you don’t actually get anything done?

All of these situations are signs that you are letting your fear limit your self-expression and it’s time to unleash yourself and let your freak flag fly!

Seriously, if you want to live a kick-ass life you need to move from fear based to LIBERATION based ways of relating. Stop wasting your time and energy worrying about what everyone else is going to think/feel and start focusing on what will help you move forward and expand into more YOU-ness.

I’m going to borrow these fabulous questions from Danielle LaPorte– she nailed them so perfectly.

Fear –driven questions-

What will they think of me? I better do what will make me look good.

What do they expect of me? I better give them what they want, when they want it.

What can I get from them? I better be clever to get what I want.

Something to notice about all of these questions is that they imply that there are conditions to you getting what you want. You need to look good, fit in, get it right and keep other people happy if you want things to go your way.

It doesn’t work that way. Other people are not responsible for your outcome; you are. Keep the power in your own hands. Your being true to yourself and letting your freak flag fly is the key to your living your life your way. Don’t let your fear what other people are going to think hold you back.

If you want to embrace this and really rock it out- I suggest basing your choices and actions on these Liberation driven questions- also from D.L.

Liberation-driven questions:

Is this moving me forward?

Do I feel more like myself?

Does this feel expansive or contracting?

How can I be generous here?

I’m really digging the concept of expansion and contraction. This is something I talk about a lot with clients. When something feels expansive, it’s an indication that you are in alignment and opening up to more of yourself. There is a forward motion and sense of unfolding to it. This is what you are looking for!

The feeling of contraction means you are limiting yourself- putting yourself into a box of sorts- and something is out of whack. When you feel this way it’s time to take a step back and determine what would feel better to you.

The more you unleash yourself – fly your freak flag- and bring more of YOU into the equation; The more kick-ass your life will be.

Where are you at with this?

Are you driven by fear or driven by the desire for liberation?

Is there one area of your life that you are more driven by fear than by liberation?

Lay it on me in the comments below.



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