Lightning Strikes and Appreciations

This past weekend, I had a big realization at the Very Cool Life retreat. It zapped my consciousness like a lightning bolt and made me realize that I needed to stop being so lazy about the way I’ve been creating my life.

I’ve been very sloppy with my focus and my intention. I was letting the bus-i-ness of my life distract me from taking the time to choose my thoughts and to focus on what I really wanted in my life and my biz. I found myself settling for just getting by and that felt awful to me. I’m here to prosper and thrive, not just get by!

I’d been being very lazy when it came to directing my thoughts and I was playing really small with my intentions and desires. My focus has been on making just enough money to get by, rather than really claiming what I wanted for myself. I was expecting to struggle financially just because that was what the people around me were focused on. I’ve been thinking small and playing small, and it didn’t feel very Kick-Ass to me.

But that’s what happens when you buy into the mainstreams stories about what is possible. I let myself get caught up in everyone else’s experience and stopped focusing on my own. The end result……I got exactly what I expected-just enough to get by.

This week I’ve spent some time thinking about what I really want in my life and got back to my daily Kick-Ass List. I’ve recommitted myself to this daily practice. I start my day by writing in my journal about all the things I love in my life and all the things I dream of doing. I think about the most kick-ass version of my coaching biz and all the bold courageous people I work with. I write about all the cool things I’m going to do and the places I’ll go.

My efforts have already paid off! Things are shifting and I’m seeing evidence of my abundance in a number of different ways; free coffee, not having to pay for a household repair project that I thought was going to coast a lot and a new client!

My life is feeling kick-ass again!

I think this is the perfect segue into playing Amplification Friday! The more time spent basking in appreciation the better!

This week I am appreciating so many things!

I appreciate Drew Rozell for being such an awesome coach and creating the container for me to re-connect to my roots and my real desires.

I love the juicy good feeling that come along with thinking about all the kick-ass things I want to do in my life. I love getting caught up in the swirl of juicy goodness as I imagine riding a bike through the Tuscan country side and making pottery and exploring the towns and villages.

It’s so delightful to imagine writing the finale check to pay off my mortgage and having the freedom to pick and up and fly to San Diego for the weekend to visit my friend Danielle whenever I feel like it.

I appreciate the clarity that is showing up for me as I apply my focus towards what I want my coaching biz to look like, and how I want to feel when I’m working.

I appreciate my friends, my home, my kitties, and my amazing boyfriend! My life is kick-ass! It feels so juicy and good.

What are you appreciating about your week?

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