How To Live YOUR Dream

If you want to LIVE your dream- fear, self-doubt and people pleasing need to take a back seat to your desire to live life your way.

3751057-qmx-dcbombshells-18x24-wonderwoman-1Second guessing yourself, over-analyzing everything, trying to be perfect, worrying about getting it wrong; holds you back, makes you feel bad and drains away your personal power.

It also knocks you right out of alignment with the life you want to live.

Alignment is the key to effectively creating what you want, in a way that feels good to you.

Lining yourself up mentally and energetically has you living your dream much faster, with a lot less struggle.

This Is How You Do IT

Imagine how you really want to feel in your life and think about all the things that you can do to feel that way NOW.

I bet the life you want to live feels good. Expansive. Powerful! You’re in charge and get to make you own rules.

The way you come into alignment with it is to focus on feeling good, powerful and expansive right now.

Start your day focusing on what you love and appreciate about your life. Pay attention to what is working and what you want more of. Celebrate everything that you accomplish. Love yourself up.

Do the things that make you feel GOOD…..I’m not talking about tequila and chocolate cake. I’m talking about listening to music that lights you up. Reading books that make you smile. Moving your body every day. Spending time with people you love-laughing, playing and enjoying life right now.

Play with your desire on a regular basis. The more you mentally play out the details of how what you want looks and feels, the clearer you’ll become on how it’s going to get here.

This is a practice!

Thinking about things this way does not come naturally.

If you’re like me – you’ve had a lifetime of focusing on what isn’t working, what needs to change and what hasn’t shown up yet. Second guessing yourself is second nature. AND when you think about what you want, you get stuck on HOW it’s all going to happen.

Let’s not forget we are surrounded by people who are bitching and complaining all the time. Forget about watching the news. It’s hard to stay positive in that kind of environment.

Even after taking all kinds of LOA classes and reading books on creating my dream life, going to coaching school and a women’s Mystery school- I still had a hard time keeping my mind pointed in the right direction. It took 5 years to re-train my brain to focus on what I wanted instead of what I don’t want….I created an awesome daily practice to help me do it.

I’m happy share t with you if you’re interested. All you have to do is ask. 

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