Look at Me, I am Going to Be on TV

Local Job and Life Coach Attracts Media Attention for Unique Perspective

A local life and career coach is taking her message to the airwaves as she points out ways to thrive and succeed in the midst of the ongoing global financial troubles.
Leah Shapiro, a graduate of Coach U who has helped scores of metro-Boston residents during her six years of private practice, said it’s important to avoid hitting the “panic button” even as news of record layoffs and corporate failures dominate the news. Shapiro, who is also the founder of Defythebox.com online community, will be a guest speaker discussing on job layoffs on the Saturday morning ConversIONS program hosted by Rod Morrison.
Although much of the conversation on the nationwide layoffs has focused on the hardships faced by the unemployed, Shapiro said the unexpected change of workplace can actually be an opportunity in disguise.
“Lay offs happen and the economy is in a down turn, that seems unavoidable right now,” she said. “But getting caught up in the fear around it is totally your own choice. If you do get laid off, accept it and move on. Spend your time doing things that you enjoy and connecting with friends and family and yourself.”
Shapiro said job loss can actually be a trigger in helping someone discover the career they would rather have been pursuing, and focusing on that “dream job” will give one a better perspective than trying to replace lost income with the mindset that “any job will do.”
“The last thing you want to be doing is looking for a job out of desperation,“ she warned. “If that is what you are focusing on — how desperate to get a job you are — you will create more desperate feelings. Instead, find some happiness and joy. Think what kind of work you really enjoy doing, what type of people you want to work with and in what kind of environment. Create a vision of what you want your work life to look like. That is the best place to be looking to start anything new from.”
Program host Morrison said he chose Shapiro from among the many other Boston-area coaches because of the unique and refreshing perspective that she brings to the process of creating a career that brings both meaning and security into one’s life. The program will be broadcast on Channel 68 at 6 a.m. on Jan. 31.
For more information about Shapiro and her own career as the Boston Wisdom Coach, visit online at www.defythebox.com and www.defythebox.ning.com.

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