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Before working with Leah, I was contemplating leaving a job and heading into launching my own business without any clear direction on what I really wanted my future to be or look like. I felt really lost even though I knew I had great gifts to offer and really wanted to make an impact on the planet. It was all stuck under muddy layers of mind chatter. When I’d get a glimpse of inspiration, I also struggled with staying motived and in inspired action consistently with it. So the result was that I stayed stuck in the place that was safe, but also painful.

During our time almost weekly together on the phone, I really got to peel back all the layers of stories I told myself to find the hidden gems underneath. Of course, it was all stuff I knew but somehow Leah has this unique ability to see through the muck and call forth my best parts. Not only that, her strength matched my stubbornness in a way that didn’t let me get away with the old stories any more. Somehow, she also made the entire process incredibly light and joy-filled, even when confronting my crap.

Now, I have a clear vision for my new business and I wake up every single day excited about it. I actually have to remind myself to take it one step at a time because I just want to dive into it all at once. I love living in this place of clarity, excited anticipation and fun. I feel lighter and also find it easier to simply let go of all the stuff that does not serve this new vision. Leah’s loving butt-kicking was just what I needed. Forever grateful! 

Missy Wilreker, Wisdompreneur,
I was expecting this to be like any other business coaching I’ve received, lots of info and tools and work changing my daily actions. But this was tons of info and tools focused on changing my daily thoughts. In the past changing my actions never changed anything but how my body moved around in the space I occupy. Changing my thoughts changes everything! Now I have really limitless opportunities and open doors because my view of myself is what changed. I’m ecstatic with the results! I could have saved a ton of money on counseling and years of beating myself up if this work had been an option for me years ago.
Dawn Horner, Jewelry Designer, Owner Northern Adornments Jewelry Designs

Leah brings fiery, no nonsense wisdom to living an Awesomely You life with no fluff or filler, but pure joy & love. If you are feeling that Law of Attraction is the most lame-assed thing you have ever heard, give Leah the chance to explain it to you, I think she’ll change your mind.”

Delisa Carnegie, Otherworldly Yarns
“If you are feeling stuck, unhappy with your circumstances and want to make a monumental shift in your life, take Unleash Yourself with Leah Shapiro. She is intuitive, compassionate and knows exactly when you need a loving kick in the butt. Working through this program, I recognized that even I (someone who coaches women on confidence, self-esteem and self-love) need a boost now and again. It is so easy to allow your inner critic to take over…what I realized is that not only do I bite off more than I can chew but I use lots of projects as a scapegoat to deal with my own story—one where I feel like I am unworthy unless I am doing everything myself. It was so wonderful to refocus on what I want out of life and what impact I want to have on the world.”
Kimberly Riggins, Body Image + Self-Love Expert
Jacki Purcell

Working with Leah has truly changed my life. I am a Personal Trainer and I was so concerned with the “recession“. I kind of freaked out that it would impact my business…. I was telling the story that Personal Training is a luxury and people won’t buy training anymore. I was worried about how I would pay my rent. Leah helped me see that this is a story that I was telling and that was reinforcing my lack of business. She taught me how to tune into a new story. I finally took her advice and I am busier now than I have ever been. I am turning people away.

Jacqueline Purcell, Personal Trainer

Leah helped me get to the core of my beliefs and figure out what is holding me back. She offered guidance and support to help me sort out these beliefs and how to change them into positive, new ones that will get me on the right track. I feel she genuinely cares about her clients, and truly wants to help them break through the crud that is getting in their way.

Amy Zellmer
Laura KollmanLife coaching with Leah Shapiro has been an awesome and life-changing experience. I began working with Leah during a period in my life when I knew what wasn’t working, but was unclear about how to change my life in a positive way. With Leah’s insight and support, I was able to see how I was creating a story in which I didn’t deserve an amazing life filled with fun and loving support.

She helped me to recognize and accept my own worth as a person. Through her questioning, I was able to see my life as already being filled with so many gifts that I was longing for. She introduced me to the rhythm of my own excitement and helped me to understand the value of using this pleasure and enthusiasm as a guide.

She also helped me stay focused and connected to my truest self so that I could make life decisions that were in alignment with my bliss.

Today I find myself living halfway across the country and on an educational path that resonates with my professional, personal, and spiritual goals. By helping me to clear away myths that do not serving me and tune in to my unfettered enthusiasm, Leah has helped me to become a happier and more successful woman.

Laura Kollman
Raven Seltzer“When I found you, I was feeling very disconnected from my life, especially my creative life. I was suffering from “burn out” – focusing on all of the drudgery and struggle of dealing with the everyday stuff of life – and I somehow let my dreams and creative life go by the way side.

It felt good to start thinking about my dreams again in a focused way and to have someone like you to cheer me on, reminding me that there are always “options”! I found at the end of each session I was energized and excited to move ahead.

Ultimately, I was able to create the mental, emotional and physical space I needed for more opportunities to open up in my life, work and spiritual practice.

I felt very supported and validated by you in my wishes and desires for my life. I would definitely recommend your coaching services.”

Raven Sadhaka Seltzer (a/k/a Sallie Seltzer), MA, RYT, LMT
I found Leah at a time of re-building in my life. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship, was working on furthering my corporate career, and was really interested in questioning where I wanted my life to go.

With Leah’s help I started questioning my programmed life (success = career, financial stability, owning property, etc. right?), and started noticing that in the life I had created there was no room for my creative side to live.

My biggest obstacle was believing that the opportunities that sounded so fabulous to me were only given to other people. I fully believed in the laws of attraction, but still held onto some belief that I couldn’t create amazing opportunities for myself, or that I would end up financially destitute if I followed my dreams.

Leah was always there with me asking: “How do you know?” and helping me to constantly question the thoughts that got in the way of following my dreams. Those questions allowed me to rid myself of my unhealthy thinking and to recognize the amazing possibilities that were already there for me.

Ultimately I was able to find excitement around the big shifts of quitting my job and following my heart, rather than the fears we are programmed to believe. I felt confident in myself and my ability to create and manifest a wonderful life for myself. I quit my job, traveled cross country and woke up every day asking myself “who do I want to be today?”

Talk about empowering!

Ultimately I settled in California where I now run a fabulous clothing design business and my creative side runs free.

Danielle Bibeau
Things are going incredibly well, and I thank you very often. Since working with you and learning to manifest what I feel is good for me I have been on such a roll of goodness and abundance.

I live in a huge house with 3 male friends, intimate and lovely and funny and yet we have very well-balanced friendship and community sense!

I have found a couple of good job opportunities, and was offered a high wage for teaching english, with a very convenient schedule.

I have directed many short films and established myself as a film-maker in front of and as a part of a community.

The list goes on. I am working on feeling rooted, anchored somewhere (here in this beautiful home called The Ladybirds).

I am growing and glowing. I am learning how to be in the moment of fulfillment I constantly am.

Thanks Leah!

Noémie Moutel – Film maker, Paris, France
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