Make Sure You Do this Part Too


Anyone else feeling like time is flying by?

The world is shifting and expanding rapidly. Now more than ever before people around the world are questioning the status quo and rejecting it.

This excites me to no end! Defy all the boxes people!!!!!! Go-Go-Go!!

But-make sure you do this part too……

When you reject something and are crying out for change, you have to remember to send out some good vibes indicting what you want instead. Spend time everyday amplifying the energy of all the juicy details of your desire. Be specific about what that change looks like in your life. Doing this helps to focus your intention and energy. The clearer you are the easier it is for the Universe to send it your way.

Playing Amplification Friday also is a helpful tool in your re-creation process. Taking a few minutes to take note of what you appreciate from your week and to bask in the juicy good feelings of it sends a strong signal to the Universe saying- “More of this please!”

Here are my appreciations from this week……

sassy new hair cut

My sassy new hair cut. It’s short, easy, colorful and fun! What more can I say!

Friends!!!! I spent an awesome “Big Chill” style weekend out in the country and it rocked! It was great to just hang out and be with a group of cool people. We went out to breakfast, apple picking, took a long nature walk, and spent the afternoon talking and baking. We played silly word games and talked about Occupy Wall Street. It was wonderful!!!

New crafty skills! I got to spend some time spinning wool with my friend Kim. I really enjoy the simplicity of it, and the way it keeps my hands occupied while I socialize.  Kim and I agree- if things fall apart we will have a helpful skill to offer our community.

How NOT Flying Your Freak Flag is Losing You Money– This new class that I’m offering is tickling my fancy! I’ve been totally in the creative flow and it has been very easy to put it all together. I love talking about this material and helping people fly their freak flag!  It would be even better if you clicked the link and joined me. 😉

Occupy Boston/Wall Street/ your town……. People taking a peaceful stand for change kicks ass! It’s got people talking, exploring, and thinking about how they want things to be. Change it good!!!!!  It makes my box defying heart giggle with delight.

I invite you to share some of the things you’re appreciating from your week in the comments below. Sharing them will give some extra juice to your amplification process.


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