More Please!

Whew…this day got away from me! But that doesn’t mean I’m going to skip out on writing my weekly appreciation post.  I figure better late than never.

(I know, I missed last week, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about you!)

There is so much juicy goodness to bask in and amplify this week!

Are you ready??

I’m feeling deeply satisfied and beaming with pride for my latest creation- The Kick-Ass Discovery Group! This group is going to rock 10 beautiful, non-conforming souls’ worlds!  We’ll be talking about life’s purpose, meaning, fun, and flying your freak flag. I can’t wait till it gets started.

I appreciate my amazing VA-Rachael from Sister Virtual for her great design work, and keeping me focused and on track. I think we created something really cool together.

I appreciate my own ability to stretch and grow!  During this creation process I found myself in some mighty low places, feeling stuck and unable to express myself in a way that felt right to me. Funny enough, every time I found myself there it was because I was trying to cram myself into a box of conformity around doing things the right way.  For a while I was dressing up in someone else’s cloths and trying to be something I’m not. It sucked hard! Thankfully a few people lovingly called me out on it and I was able to see what I was doing and snap out of it!

Don’t you love when people call you out on your shit?

I’m basking in the amazing awesomeness that is my relationship. It’s so juicy and fun. I love our late night celebratory ice cream dates, sweet loving in the afternoon, geeking out with i-phones, and watching Torchwood.

More awesome opportunities to share what I know about flying your freak flag please!!!

I had a blast being interviewed for the Success for Spiritual Peoples Speaker Series, and being on Her

Ms. Tips E. Toes

Unfolding Journey. Being interviewed and answering questions about living a kick-ass life rocks!  I also had fun teaching my free tele-class and talking with new clients. I love my job, it is perfect for me.


Finally, I have to mention my sweet furry friends- Tipsy and Spike. My kitty companions provide the purrfect little love blasts throughout my day.

Wow- thinking about this stuff feels mighty juicy!

Your turn! What are you appreciating and wanting more of from your week?

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