Morning Musings. Alignment = Having What You Want

Today’s Morning Musings are about how alignment = having what you want. This is why it’s so important to feel good now.

The people I work with, myself included (I’m my biggest client!) get stuck in wanting something and it feels crappy.

This is what it looks like- You know what you want and the idea of it feels awesome! Then you get all caught up in HOW you are going to get it, WHAT you have to DO to make it happen, and how it’s NOT there yet.

You begin to put undesirable conditions on having what you want. I have to (work extra hard, give up something that I want, be different in some way) in order to HAVE  this awesome thing that I desire.

It all starts to feel crappy, overwhelming and very far away. When you feel like this you are way out of alignment with your desire. “You can’t get there from here.”

What you want to do is stay in alignment with your desire  and FEEL GOOD NOW!

Play with your desire. Spend your time thinking about having what you want and how your life will look with it in it. Picture yourself living with it…seeing yourself having it…and amplify the energy of it on a daily basis.

It’s fun to play with your desire. It keeps you feeling good and in alignment with it. The HOW will begin to naturally unfold for you. You will get inspired to take action that will lead you towards the very thing you want.

How do you stay in alignment with your desire?

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