Morning Musings. Come Play!

I’ve been doing something new on my facebook page this week and creating a space for people to share what they have been thinking about. Of course, I start it off by sharing what I’m thinking about to get the conversation started. I’ll be doing it most mornings. You can be part of the conversation here-

Today I was thinking about motivation, inspiration and doing what I WANT to do.

When it comes right down to it, I always do what I WANT to do. There are lots of things that I think about as being good ideas, and worthwhile, and possible fun- or they look really good on paper- but my desire for them does not prompt me to take action towards bringing it into my experience.

I KNOW that I AM a women of action who can easily create all kinds of goodness…and some crappy stuff too…and when I’m not inspired to take action it’s a signal that it’s not time for that thing I’ve been thinking about or it’s not a good fit for me.

What I’ve learned is – whenever I notice that I’m trying to convince or enroll myself into doing something…it’s time to let it go for the time being. When I have managed to talk myself (more like badger myself) into doing something I wasn’t feeling; it all went to shit pretty fast and never turned out the way I wanted.

This is why-

Your inner-guidance speaks with a sense of knowing and feels true when you hear it. The “Yes” is clear and strong. You can feel the expansion.

Ruminating, enrolling and convincing = you don’t know if something is right for you yet.

Or you have a clear “yes” from your inner-knowing that goes against what is expected of you…so you try to talk yourself out of it or into what is more acceptable.

The ruminating and convincing are ego activities…inner-guidance doesn’t need to convince you of anything…it just knows what to do.

What’s your experience with this?

When was the last time you tired to talk yourself out of something your inner-guidance was telling you?

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