Ms. Cranky Pants

Some of you may be familiar with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle’s book: The New Earth. One of the major concepts he discusses is the Pain Body, which is a collection of emotional energy that each of us carries through out our lives. This energy is easily triggered by our thoughts, and can also trigger thoughts of a similar vibration. It is a vicious circle that feeds on itself and is often at the root of our self destructive patterns of behavior, out bursts and bad moods.

The other day I, woke up to my Pain Body looking for something to feed on. I started my day feeling a bit cranky and out of sorts. I did not want to get up and I did not want to stay in bed. I had a mental tug of war going on in my brain that was extremely irritating!

“MMMMM, irritation! What a tasty morsel”, said my Pain Body.

First off was a call to the Very Cool Life Network. This is an activity that I find great pleasure in, but not today! During the call, the intention was set that we would all share where we were at then cover some material that the leader wanted to share. As each person was asked to share, my Pain Body became anxious: “When is it going to be MY turn??? I have something to share!” Each time I was not called on the energy was building. I noticed a story being created in my head about how I was going to be left out and there would be no space left for me to talk. I noticed my mind becoming unwilling to listen and I began to get distracted and unwilling to participate in the exercise that was being lead and the information that was being shared. “This is stupid and worthless” my mind said . As I noticed these thoughts, I struggled to stay present and willing. The call came to an end without any space for me to share and I could feel my Pain Body going into a feeding frenzy,grabbing onto that and creating all kinds of stories around how I did not matter and I should have been called on, and how I was getting left out.

At this point, I am aware that my “stuff” is coming up and I use a few tricks I know to clear up this energy and release the story. As I am doing this, I notice that the beautiful day is turning cloudy and “why can’t it just be nice out for once!” I go about my business and find that everything is irritating me; the rain, having to wait for my car and what about my stupid computer that is not fixed yet?!? My crankiness is becomming all consuming and it is all I can do not to lash out and yell at someone. I found myself thinking about all the stuff that is irritating me. These thoughts are building and the energy of my irritation is growing. In my mind I am yelling and snapping at everyone. I am quickly becoming MS. CRANKY PANTS!!!!

Fortunately, I chose to keep it all to myself, but it was a struggle to keep it inside. It felt like it wanted to burst out and shower everyone around me.

By now, I realize that I am caught up in my Pain Body. It is hungry and wanting to feed and constantly creating thoughts that amplify the energy that it wants. Every time I tried to make myself feel better, another negative thought comes in. It felt like there was no end to it. So I took a moment and acknowledge that my Pain Body was there. I stopped trying to get away from it and I allowed myself to sit in it. “I FEEL CRANKY!!!!” I allowed those feelings to be. I felt into them. Then I made a choice to go to the gym and release some of the energy. I took a while to come back to feeling like myself, but by the end of the day I was not feeling like a victim. I was no longer looking for things to be pissed off about. My mind slowed down and there was Peace.

If you want to learn how to recognize your “Pain Body” and how to release it, come to one of my September classes and events !

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