My Mermaid Obsession

I really love this quote:

I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.— Anaïs Nin

I feel like it describes me perfectly and it also feeds into my obsession with mermaids.

I love mermaids!

I have a mermaid corner in my living-room with all kinds of mermaids hanging amongst crystal ‘bubbles’. It is really very lovely. I like to sit there when I do my client sessions and when I meditate. I will definitely be sitting there while I teach my free call tonight.( You can still get in on it if you act fast!) I often have to kick a cat out of the seat first, but that’s OK, I don’t mind sharing my favorite seat with my kitties.

For a while I had a boyfriend who would always get me mermaid stuff for presents. I think he thought it was a safe bet. He was petrified of getting me the wrong thing ! (I swear that I’m not really hard to buy for !!!!)

I have mermaid statues, pictures and cards through-out my house….not all crazy like, but at least one thing in every room.

Guess what my favorite Halloween costume was ? You got it…a mermaid costume, complete with beautiful, long, flowing hair with shells in it. Hey, maybe I will bust that out again this year!

The crowning jewel will be the mermaid tattoo I have planned for my back. I am still not sure exactly what it will look like, but I know that it will be there one day.

What are you obsessed with?

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