My message in 100 words or less….yhea right

One of my summer time activities is to take part in the World-Changing Writing Workshop that is being put on by the cool peeps over at the Freak Revolution.

I like to write. I feel like I have at least one book in me, and it has been confirmed by several psychic friends too…so it MUST be true!  😉

Any way….

I love the Freak Revolution blog and I dig all the people they pulled in to teach, so I figured what the hell, I’ll do it.

I am one week into the workshop and I dive into my home work feeling all confidant that I can easily do it.

Then *BLAM*……

I am already feeling stuck.

The assignment is simple enough. It is to write out my world changing message in 100 words.
I know what my mission is. It is to help non-conforming souls break free from their pre-packaged lives and create their kick-ass dream life.

It’s simple enough.

You see, I truly believe that we are all meant to bring our own unique gifts to the world.

Your kick-ass dream life is the perfect manifestation of you doing just that.

When you are living your kick-ass dream life you are in perfect alignment with who you really are and all your unique gifts and special talents will come forth. Your life will feel good and the whole world will benefit from it.

People often ask me: “Why work with non-conforming souls”

My answer is simple:  “I am one.”

I know from my own experience that is takes courage to go against the mainstream mentality and blaze your own trail to discover your unique definition of a meaningful, satisfying, abundant life.

But , how do I break that all down into a 100 word message?

This is going to take a bit of work.

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