My Right People

If you want to become a freak flag flying, freedom loving, money making machine, you need to clearly identify who your right people are and choose to exclusively work with them.

What do I mean by right people?

Your right people are the ones that you totally LOVE to work with and they love working with you too. You’re on the same wave length and everyone gets exactly what they want and need from the relationship. These are the folks who will be posting how awesome you are on Facebook and telling all their friends to hire you!

Determining who you’re right people are is a lot like deciding who you want to date. It’s important to be choosy and have a clear idea what your standards are and who you are a good fit with. You don’t want to just give it away or settle for whoever comes along.

I see so many business people giving it away and settling for anyone when money gets tight. There’s an air of desperation and they cast a very wide net and offer their services to just about everyone, which never turns out well. You end up working with people that drive you crazy, doing things you don’t enjoy and only getting so-so results.

Just so we’re clear- I’m going to share who my right people are so you know who I exclusively work with.

I work with rebelicious, free-spirited entrepreneurs who buck the system and are determined to make money and have fun doing what they love.

They either already work for themselves or are ready to make the move and need a bit of help fine tuning their vision.

I show them the way to more freedom, fun and money by flying their freak flag high and proud via my writing, tele-classes, and 1-1 coaching sessions.

More Specifically-

My right peeps value their freedom. They need to live life on their own terms and be self-expressed. Hiding who they are and conforming doesn’t work for them. They have (or want) tattoos, piercings, funky hair and rock out their own sense of style.

They are committed to living a kick-ass life, there’s no settling or just getting by. It is essential that they do work they enjoy and get paid well for it. They’ve already wasted enough time doing work they thought they should do to make money and didn’t feel right to them. Now they want to whole package- freedom, fun and money.

My right people are creative. They like to dress up in fun costumes to go to parties, and wear crazy sparkly make-up. They play music, sing and dance when they get together with their friends. Their houses are full of interesting things.

They are born leaders even if they resist that notion some of the time. People look up to them and they make an impression. They aren’t afraid to make bold moves, and express their opinions.

They are spiritual, into the law of attraction and believe that the Universe is conspiring with them to create the life they want. They are positive people and know that their life can be anything that they want it to be, but figuring out what that looks like is often challenging.

They are into healthy cooking, good food and hanging out with friends. You can often find them indulging in hedonistic activates– like drinking good tequila, eating chocolate naked, and hanging out in the hot-tub on a starry night. They’re very sensual and into exploring their sexuality and trying new things.

They enjoy electronic music and used to be part of the rave culture, punk or underground party scene. They did their fair share of ecstasy, acid and other recreational drugs, and still may indulge on a rare occasion, but now you’re more likely to find them enjoying a glass of wine, tequila or some good pot every now and then.

Finally, they are into personal development and making their lives kick-ass by investing in themselves. They take full responsibility for their outcomes.  They rarely blame, whine or complain.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to connect!!

Now it’s your turn. Who are your right people?



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