My Version of a Makeover Show

Happy Monday!!!

I’m totally excited about my upcoming tel-class with my friend, Cheryl Heppard!!  She’s the queen of all things marketing; I’m the queen of flying your freak flag; and we decided to join forces to create our version of a makeover show!!!  Woo-hoo!!!

We’re tired of seeing entrepreneurs struggle to stand out and get noticed and decided it was time to do something about it!

Meet our beautiful brainchild-

Unfurl Your Freak Flag and Take Your Bland Brand From Boring to Brilliant

We will share some simple strategies to bring more of your rebelicious self into your business so your super shiny-sparkly brand will attract more money making opportunities.

We’re going to help TWO people LIVE on the call “fly their FREAK FLAG” and “take their bland brand from boring to BRILLIANT!”

How cool would it be if one of those people were YOU?

If you feel like it’s hard to get your business noticed and you’re struggling to connect with the people you’d like to serve- register for the call and submit your application. We’re going to pick two people to be in the hot-seat and get free advice on how to “fly their freak flag” and “take their bland brand from boring  to brilliant!”

Do you know any other entrepreneurs who might benefit from some of this free advice? Please share this with them and encourage them to attend! The more the merrier.

Don’t forget to submit your application!

See you on the call!



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