Noticing the Shift

For as long as I can remember I have loved the color red!

This love affair started about 25 years ago when I was 20 and decided to dye my hair red. I thought that having red hair made me more mysterious & wild, and I liked being thought of as a ‘fiery redhead’.

Red quickly became my signature color and I incorporated it into all aspects of my life. I wore lots of red and black clothing, drove a red car (Boy do I miss that car!) and it was a no brainer what color anything to buy me for a gift. I even incorporated red into my business image.

I was set- it was me and red in love forever!!!

Then an interesting thing happened. When I turned 45 I started thinking about dying my hair blue.

I had this undeniable urge to mix things up in a big way and I kept coming back to the blue hair thing.

“Could I really do it?!?”

Of course I could, but I kept wondering who I would be without my red hair.

I decided to go for it. It was scary but I dyed my hair back to its original brown color and added some beautiful Blue Velvet and Pimpin’ Purple chunky streaks to the front.

Wowzza!!  My new hair was totally awesome. I felt like a Rockstar that night when I went out to a party and showed it off. Everyone loved it.

This was the real me!!! I was letting my freak flag fly and it felt good.

Over the next few weeks I started noticing that my new funky hair color matched so many of my things. It matched the cool sweater that I had bought the year before but never really wore much. It was the exact same color as my new winter coat and gloves that I had bought a month earlier. Matter of fact I had lots of cloths that matched my hair. It was the same color as my car!

My how things had changed!

On so many levels I had unconsciously chosen to leave the red behind. It just took a while to consciously get on board with it.

It makes me curious about the other places in my life that I have grown and changed but I am not totally conscious of them yet.

This all confirms to me the importance of being present in your life and checking in with your preferences. We all change, and grow and expand. The trick is to keep up with it!

Is there anything in your life that has shifted?

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