Now You Can’t Get a Real Job

“You’re not going to be able to hide that. It’s right out there for the world to see.”

“You’ll never be able to get a real job again”

new mermaidThese are some of my favorite reactions to my latest tattoo. It’s a big beautiful mermaid on my forearm.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my favorite tattoo artist- Charon Henning– getting my mermaid colored in. We talked about how people were shocked that I got such a big tattoo on my forearm where everyone can see it. Even friends who have tattoos – lots of tattoos – have said it was a bold move because I can’t hide it easily.

How many of you have found yourself thinking about getting a tattoo and worrying about what other people might think? You’re afraid they might judge you or get the wrong impression.

I’m going to tell you right now- you have no control over what people think about you. Their thoughts about you are based on their own inner experience. When it comes down to it, what they think about you really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is how you think about yourself. There is nothing worse for your soul than constantly limiting your self-expression because you’re trying to keep other people happy. It sends a big message to your soul saying – there is something wrong with you and you need to stay hidden.

You are here to be fully self-expressed!!! That is the point of life. To be YOU!!! Stop hiding your light. It feels crappy and leads to a life full of “if only” and “what ifs”. It’s much more satisfying to let your freak flag flag and be fully self expressed.

Get the tattoo, dye your hair purple or do whatever else feels like YOU. Let your light shine bright!

Leah Shapiro MermaidHiding my mermaid never entered my mind when I thought about getting it. I can say the same thing for the rest of my tattoos. They are for me and about me; what other people think about them doesn’t matter.

Actually- that’s a lie. I LOVE when people notice my tattoo’s and compliment them, and I like to tell the stories of each one and what it means to me.  This latest one represents the mermaid part of me. She likes to dive deep into the mermaid realms with you and talk about feelings, emotions, and your deepest desires for your life. She is fun, playful and mysterious all at the same time. She does whatever she wants to do too. *wink*

One last thing for those of you who are worried about not being able to get a real job…..ask yourself what is more important to you- Being YOU or conforming to someone else’s ideas of how you should look?

There are plenty of work environments that would love to hire a confidant, self-expressed person who owns their gifts and knows they have something valuable to offer. Look for that kind of job and you will be much happier.

If you’re struggling with letting your light shine bright and you want to bring more You-ness out into the world, I can help! Send me an email to set up some time to talk about the different ways we can work together.

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