Obsessing about change, what you really need to learn, and feeling good

I can’t stop thinking about changing my hair!  I’m not sure why I have this burning desire to switch things up but it is relentless.  OK…maybe the reason why is because I just had my 45th birthday and I have some conflicting emotion around that. I like to say as long as I have a younger sexy boyfriend I don’t mind how old I am and  it just so happens that I DO have a younger sexy boyfriend who is  totally awesome, so I should be feeling OK about this, but here I am obsessing about changing my hair.

Instead of writing blog posts- I’m looking at pictures of funky colored hair and trying to decide between shades of blue and purple.  Part of the problem is that I keep going back and forth around weather I’m too old to have blue hair or not, and if it will look ridiculous.

Then I think-Look at me getting caught up in pre-packaged beliefs around what I’m supposed to look like at 45!!!! That’s’ CRAZY !

The reality is that I can color my hair any color that I want, and the reason why I am obsessing is because I haven’t fully given myself permission to do it. That changes right now!!!

What you really need to learn

During all my obsessing about change, I have been  drinking too much coffee and contemplating this question- What do we really need our teachers and mentors to teach us?

This question came up for me as a result of some of the work that is being done in one of my coaching programs called Connecting to YOUR Version of Kick-Ass. It is becoming crystal clear to me that what people really need to learn from their teachers and mentors is how to be self-aware and self-reflective.

You need to be taught how to explore different possibilities and ways of doing things and discern how you resonate with it and what works for you.

I constantly see people caught up in the idea that -THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT-because that is what you were taught, but the reality is that it doesn’t really work for you and you don’t know how to seek out something that does.  So you struggle, feel confused and unsatisfied.

We are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages telling us that THIS IS exactly what you need to be successful, loved, popular, and worthy. I’m going to tell you right now that that is a bunch of CRAP!!

Only YOU know what will bring you success, happiness, and meaning and what will make you feel loved and worthy.  Learn how to tune into that and you will be all set!  (Connecting to YOUR Version of Kick-Ass will help you with this).

Feeling Good

I’m going to wrap things up here by talking about Feeling Good!  This topic is going to be the focus of a series of 4 shows on My Kick-Ass Dream Life. This is my online radio show if you are wondering what the hell I am talking about. Feeling good is key component to living a Kick-Ass Life.

I will go as far to say as Feeling Good = Kick-Ass Life.

I’m always surprised at how much people resist committing to feeling good all the time. There are so many pre-packaged beliefs telling you that it is wrong, or you can’t, or that something else is more important. It seems like there are lots of folks who are committed to feeling bad about themselves and their lives.

Why are there are so many barriers to allowing yourself pleasure and to feeling good? We are going to discuss this subject in depth over the next 4 weeks. I invite you to join us live Mondays at 3 PM EST to get in on the conversation. You can find all the details here.

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